Saturday, July 30, 2016

Spirit of Hope - full tutorial

The full 3.5 h tutorial of "Spirit of Hope" is now available in my Etsy shop. You can buy it HERE

Below is the preview. To learn more details about this tutorial check out my website.

Materials used in this tutorial:
1. Fabriano Artistico Extra White HP, 640gsm (300lb); the size of the painting is 20,5" x 12" (52 x 31 cm)
2. Royal Talens Liquid Masking Film
3. a soap
4. a pencil
5. an eraser
6. a water pot
7. a paper towel
8. brushes:
- Raphael series 8408 brushes a size 6 and a size 4
- Winsor & Newton Artist Sable Brush One Stroke 1 Inch
- Winsor &Newton Artist Sable Brushes rigger size 1
- an old brush for applying masking fluid
9. Winsor&Newton Professional Watercolors (colors: Winsor Blue Green Shade PB15, Ultramarine Blue PB29, Indanthrene Blue PB60, Perylene Maroon PR179, Burnt Sienna PR101)
10. Daniel Smith watercolor paints (colors: Hansa Yellow Medium PY97, Hansa Yellow Deep PY65, Quinacridone Gold PO49)
11. Translucent Orange PO71 by Schmincke Horadam

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