Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Watercolor painting - Cardinal and Holly part 3 - Cardinal

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  1. This was once again a wonderful tutorial you made!

    I love to watch tutorials on youtube and I am following your videos quite a while now. I must honestly say, there are so many tut videos out there but none of them give such a lovely and deep look into the process of creation like yours. You put so much effort and passion in making this tutorials for the
    people and one can get so much out of them and of course everybody can see how much watercolors mean to yourself.

    It is always such a joy to watch and I also find myself always and again relaxing while watching.
    I actually just wanted to say thanks for the great work you do and sending out some greetings from the neighbourhood.

    By the way,since I asume that you enjoy solo piano music I would like to suggest you a nice station to listen to, if you not already know that one...

    I like to listen to it while I am drawing etc...
    You don't need to become a member, the free option is actually enough.