Thursday, February 5, 2015

Some questions to you

If you haven't seen my video with questions to you I highly encourage you to check it. Your opinion on my videos is really important for me. Unfortunatelly I can't fulfill every expectations (for example me talking while painting - english is not my native language and I don't really feel comfortable when I speak in english... and all those mistakes even when I'm writing... no no no :) ). But I want to make good videos for you, so every feedback is appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. I have spent a lot of time tonight watching your recent videos and the peony one. I learned so much and appreciated the methods you used to set up the palette. No need to speak. Your written comments are very good. I prefer videos under 30 minutes so speeding up as in the peony was excellent. I have trouble drawing the many petals of a flower. Do you have any videos about how you draw or transfer a photo? I will be a regular reader of your blog and like your work very much! Barbara England