Monday, July 21, 2014

Sweet Pea and a new blog

Last four days I spent on painting Sweet Pea. It's just a study of color. Because this is, still, botanical painting, so something new to me, I created  another blog which is devoted only to my botanical attempts. I don;t want to mix my flower paintings (and other which are not botanical) with botanical style. So I'm heartily inviting you to check out my new blog here:

And here you can see some samples. The description of all stages of painting you can find on my new blog.


  1. just discovered your work and am enjoying it so much, have returned many times

  2. Hello Krzysztof I really love your work... I am wanting to do some more study of sweet peas and while searching for ideas on internet I saw your beautiful sweet pea paintings which led me here. I am so keen to learn how to paint like this but really struggle with it. it says above the description for painting them at all stages is on your blog page but cannot find the sweet peas... or have I got it mixed up? I shall have to do some of your tutorials now I have your palette suggestions from your pdf. thanks you for posting your beautiful work it is very inspiring.

    1. Hello Tanya! When you go to Blog Archive on my new blog, you will see I think 3 posts with Sweet Pea in July 2014. It's not really tutorial, I just described how I was painting it. But you gave me an idea to make a video tutorial with the sweet pea. Thank you!