Saturday, July 5, 2014

Botanical painting - Vicia cracca

Since about a year I've been fascinated with a botanical painting. I read a lot about it, participate in some groups on facebook, I'm learning from botanical artists' blogs. Everything from abroad, because unfortunatelly it's not popular in Poland (it's not popular at all).
I wanted to try to paint something in botanical style and I chose Vicia cracca. After 10 days of painting I finally finished it. Here are some photos from the whole process, but more photos (about 100) you can see on my FB page.
I also created a blog on my homepage (it's in polish), but if you like you can check it here.

Now some photos of Vicia cracca:

Here is also a quick video history showing how I was painting it:

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  1. often. botanical paintings are what the eye sees but lacks emotion. your painting has emotion! great job, good luck on your new journey.