Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Glass step by step

Here I would like to show you how I was painting my last glass watercolor.

First is sketch, quite exact as I wanted to have accurately marked shapes of my glass. I started with the green one. I was adding one layer followed by another. I used White Nights watercolors which I love for they good quality, effectiveness and beautiful colors. This painting was on Canson Fontenay watercolor paper, 300 g/m2 (140 lbs), 32 x 41 cm (about 12,5 x 16 inch), cold pressed. It took me couple of days to paint this. It was my first painting of glass, so I was extremly happy when I finished it.
My inspiration for this painting were beautiful glass and crystal watercolors of Joyce Faulknor. I really like the way she paints, and I wanted to try paint glass too.
Here is step by step.

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