Friday, May 31, 2013

Blue Irises step-by-step

This one I was painting on Canson Fontenay paper, size 21 x 28 cm (8,3 x 11 in), White Nights watercolors. I love shapes of irises and when petals captures sunlight. 


  1. I tu znowu ta kontrolowana przypadkowość. Jak widzę takie faktury to dostaję ślinotoku:) Przy okazji. Super zestawienie kolorów.

  2. Hello! Your work is incredible, especially having just discovered watercolor a few years back: I've struggled for two decades to get as far as I have. I enjoy your step by step posts.
    These iris blossoms are beautiful and they glow with the light shining from behind. Congratulations on your fine work.

  3. This is really fine work here. I think you have impressive professional skills!