Thursday, November 7, 2019

Christmas Cards - Preview

Christmas cards – are you planning to make your own Christmas cards for your family and friends? I have prepared three projects for you. The full tutorials are available in my Online Watercolor School.

Christmas Robin

What I like the most about this painting is the contrast between a cold winter day enhanced by the delicate falling snow and warm colors of the robin and berries. Snow falling slowly from the sky is always something I wait for in the winter. I love this magical atmosphere where there is a lot of snow everywhere, everything is so calm and peaceful. In this painting I wanted to convey robin’s feeling of cosiness. Even though the snow folds are cold I have a feeling that he feels very comfortable on this branch.


I think most of us associate this flower with Christmas. Its vibrant, red petals harmonize wonderfully with the deep green leaves creating a complementary color composition.

Winter Scene

Isn’t it pure magic? Again, like in the Christmas Robin painting, I wanted to portray a magical feeling of winter atmosphere. This is a very simple painting which can be altered in many different ways according to your vision. You can easily change the colors or the composition to create new, beautiful images. Because this is a very easy scene to paint you can paint several of these at a time and create interesting cards for your family and friends.

Video preview

Take a look at the video preview of the three projects above.

Robin - Preview

Robin sitting on a clematis flower is our next project. A wonderful project for bird lovers! Take a look at the preview and feel inspired. The full tutorial is available in my Online Watercolor School.

Morning bliss - Preview

Our next project is this beautiful water lily. Take a look at the preview and feel inspired! The full tutorial is available in my Online Watercolor School. In September I am also offering a 15% discount on all membership plans.

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August projects - preview

Hi everyone! I have prepared 5 projects for my students in August. These are shorter tutorials and much smaller paintings, but I think they are really nice. All of them are for beginners, but of course those of you who are intermediate or advanced artists are very welcome to give them ago. This time the sizes of these paintings are very small (four of them are 6″ x 4″/16 x 11 cm and one is 11.5″ x 7.5″/29 x 19 cm), but you can resize the outline drawing however you want and paint bigger if you like. All of these tutorials are available in my Online Watercolor School.

I created each of these small paintings in order to show you the particular techniques, so that you can practice them and use them also in your own paintings.

So here they are. I’ll write a few words about each of them. At the end you’ll find a video preview.

1. Blurred backgrounds with lights

In this tutorial I will show you a technique which I call soft dry glazing. I use it to create backgrounds which are blurred and may consist of many colors. Additionally I will show you how to create light effects in the background. Of course this may be used in many other situations (I can think of for example street lights in the night). In this tutorial we will focus only on the background, I’m not going to show you how to paint this lily, but of course you can also add it to your painting.

 2. Hydrangea exercise

In this tutorial we will be practicing mostly wet on wet technique. As you know I use it often and I think it’s good to master this technique. We will not focus on the details here, but more on the technique itself. The reference photo shows much wider view of the hydrangea. This is a simple composition that I created specially for the purpose of this tutorial. I will also show you how to create lost and found edges which we also created in the sunflower tutorial.

3. Iron Cross Flower

In this project we will focus mainly on wet on wet again and also we will practice some negative painting technique.

4. Tiger Lily

In this painting we’re going to use the priming method of painting on the petals and soft dry glazing again in the background.

5. Poppy and camomiles

Finally a fun painting which can be changed easily according to your vision. We will have a reference photo, but we will create our own composition. Of course you can paint the same composition as I did, I have prepared an outline drawing for you, but I will show you the idea of how you can paint something like this and hopefully you will be able to create your own composition with poppies and camomiles. This will be also a practice of wet on wet painting and wet on dry.

Here is the video preview:

Sunflower - Preview

In this class we’re going to paint a very nice picture of a sunflower. I would say it’s not very difficult, however as most of my tutorials it just requires patience and determination. In this painting we’re going to practice again wet on dry, wet on wet and lifting out techniques, so our basic painting techniques. We’ll be also focusing on mixing colors, on using a limited palette and working with the shadows of yellow, red and green. The full tutorial is available in my Online Watercolor School.

Red Finch - Preview

This time we’re going to take a break from flowers. Our June’s subject is a red finch. I’m going to show you how you can paint a smooth background. We’re also going to have many leaves to paint, but don’t be afraid! These leaves are pretty simple to paint and they create a nice ornament in this painting. The color composition here is very eye-catching – the red bird is juxtaposed to the green background. These are complementary color which always draw our attention. I’m going to show you how you can paint the impression of feathers and how you can achieve different textures (for example on the branches). The full tutorial is available in my Online Watercolor School.

Hydrangea - Preview

In this class we will put into practice two theory lessons from the previous months: Color theory and Tonal values and contrast. It’s quite a long project so arm yourself with patience, but it’s also very rewarding. We will use very basic techniques here: wet on dry, wet on wet and lifting out, so it’s a good opportunity to practice them. If you feel that the whole painting is too big for you, you can crop the image, choose one section, one flower, and paint a smaller painting. The full tutorial is available in my Online Watercolor School.